To improve work efficiency and effectiveness, we use digital patterning and marker techniques. This is very helpful in the process of pattern size change, marker making and cutting. And this can be very helpful in terms of calculating the efficiency of the use of materials, so that the flow of supply and purchase can be […]


New technology from germany to cut fabric with large capacity. This machine is capable of cutting the fabric with the intensity of up to 1000 roll per day. This machine is capable of operating with a very high degree of accuracy, minimizing the waste of waste materials to increase effectiveness. Also the speed far exceeds […]


This machine is able to operate with a fairly high rate of speed, from the process of degree to cut each sheet of cloth automatically. This process can increase productivity up to more than 300%.


With our sophisticated laboratories and equipped with high-tech facilities, we focus on speed, accuracy, repetition and consistency in producing colors. We reduce the risk of human error in the process of mixing the dye solution using built-in electronic balance with a 2-decimal unit and a water heater to ensure that you can prepare the most accurate mix […]


Mercerize, handle cotton fabrics with strong caustic alkaline solutions with the aim of increasing luster, texture and other properties. Now we can also do it on rayon fabric to improve the overall appearance. Result: Increased luster The ability to absorb dyes increases Increased reaction with various chemicals Increased form stability Increased strength / elongation Increased […]